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» ProFix Dressings
» OpiFix PU dressings
» Drapex Incise Drapes
» Alphaplast Adhesive Tape
» Hospatek Alcohol Swab
» Hospatek Dry Swab
» Hospatek Urine Bags
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Afri Medical is a leading Egyptian manufacturer of medical consumables founded in 1984. We prides ourselves on our unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards to ensure the safety and security of our customers. We have been awarded the ISO 9001 and 13485:2003 ...................................
» Haemodialyzers
» Blood Lines
» Fistula Needles
» Drainage Bags
» Venaflo Infusion Set
» Venaflo Transfusion Set
» Venaflo IV Cannula
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» BonFix (POP) Bandages
» BonCast (Synthetic Casting Bandages)
» Bonpad Padding (Cast under Padding)
» Bonplast (Elastic adhesive Bandages)
» Urine Bag
» Blood lines
» Infusion Set
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» TherMax Capsicum Plaster
» Hospatek Irrigator
» Hospatek Hot/Cold Pack
» Vera for Hair Removal
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